New Year eBulletin 2018

Welcome to the Peacemakers New Year eBulletin 2018. With so much bad news in the world, we hope we can lift your spirits with a short, encouraging story of a then student, Tom Beak, returning to Peacemakers Kenya after 7 years!

"When my first visit to Kathagari came to an end in 2010, I was adamant that I'd return soon. At the time, I did not imagine that this return would come a full 7 years later, but it was well worth the wait!.

The work that Chrissie has done with the local community and the progress made on the site is incredible - the plot was unrecognisable. Where I remembered building works, now stands a number of very impressive buildings - some in full use (such as the IT training centre) and some ready to be a roaring success (such as the Cafe).

It was great to see many recognisable and friendly faces (not least because I'd spent the previous few weeks alone on the back of a motorbike), but the real pleasure came from being able to contribute in a tangible way. With help from Brenda and Chrissie (and the generosity of my late Grandad), we were able to provide water filters to selected local families, packs to the graduating class at Kivuria Primary School (Peacemakers' neighbour) and a new printer for the IT training room.

It meant a great deal to contribute to a place where I have such fond memories and to finally fulfil my promise to return. Visiting Kathagari and witnessing the positive work that Peacemakers continue to do...

...working with the local community rather than for it, is always a rewarding and enlightening experience - as such, I have already promised to revisit and really hope it's not another 7 years before I do!"


Fundraiser For Peacemakers Kenya, hosted by Liz Darlington.

 New Year drinks evening at Seer Green Friday 19th January     7.30 - 10.30 pm

£5 to include a glass of mulled wine and nibbles.

RSVP.  Liz Darlington 

In 2015 I was lucky enough to visit this amazing organization. This year I am looking to return with the intention of supporting families and young children in a pre-school setting. Any funds raised during this evening will go directly towards resources out in Kenya.  

Please bring along any unwanted Christmas presents and get a free go at the raffle. If you cannot attend and would like to buy raffle tickets, I am happy to sell them separately!  

Thank you so much for your support with this and I look forward to seeing you there!

What a wonderful story, thank you Tom! And Liz's fundraiser and trip to Kenya are eagerly anticipated! Peacemakers would like to encourage anyone who has a heart to help those in need, to spend a week or two volunteering with us in Kenya. These opportunities truly can be a life changing experience, as so many have found out! Helping the Kenyans work their way out of poverty and with Peacemakers great facilities for their health and education, let’s thank God for his blessings and allowing us to continue being part of the answer to people’s needs.

A Happy and prosperous new year to you all,

From Brenda & the team.

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