Christmas 2019 e-Bulletin No.19

May the God of Hope fill you with Joy and Peace this Christmas.

‘Hope’ is the joyful expectation that something Good will happen.

Humanly speaking, it’s not surprising that the ‘Hope’ in us seems to be gradually disappearing into a depressive, fearful state, when you witness the strife and turmoil all around us today.

‘Who can we Trust?’

We are in the season of ‘Goodwill to all men’ bringing and exchanging gifts with one another. We remember and celebrate the Birth of Jesus; let us too receive from Jesus the gifts he brings to us of Love, Joy and Peace. This releases us from all the fears consuming this world.

Merry Christmas Everyone and a Blessed New Year from Brenda and all the Peacemakers. Thank you for being a part of changing lives in Kenya.

Christmas bulletin from Kenya:

We are sending our prayers and wishes for a wonderful Christmas over there (in the UK).

Here the searing daytime sun belies the approaching nightly torrents. This rainy season is now predicted to last to the end of December. I spend restless nights listening to the incessant downpours. Remember, most of the house has a tin roof and the noise is deafening; the raucous chorus of the jubilant frogs in unison with the dogs howling at the lightning flashes. You can almost imagine you are on board a ship in a stormy sea… The gutters can hardly cope with the roof water gushing down; the water tanks fill to overflow.

We have been waking up to flooded areas, spending hours mopping up and scooping the soil back up the slope. We have been hacking out extra channels and planning digging more slow-down ponds. The Kenyans call the rain “Blessings”, of course! We did not have any rain in March this year but this November season has made up for it! For us, it hopefully means a good harvest is ahead.

We had a wedding in between the showers… thank God for helping us. From 4 am we were re-erecting tents, decorating everywhere and we managed to get everything done in time. It was great to see Isaac’s photography team Siera having the contract for the photos.






This time, the actual marriage took place in our thatched building and the reception down in the garden. The caterers cooked all night. Typical wedding fare includes beef stew, “mukimo” (mashed potatoes, yellow maize and greens, chapati and rice with grated carrots.

We have also hosted three graduation parties.








We thank God that a group of ladies and a few gents from our community want to start the Peacemakers Outside Catering Team. We already have a growing market in catering for groups and we need to do more by enlisting a full team. We are praying how to go ahead with repairs to the kitchen and extra equipment. As we begin to have guests to stay in the house, it will be all the more necessary for me to have a qualified hospitality / housekeeper employee as I find myself stretched in many directions to present a quality service.

Our nearest neighbour Mama Eric has been longing to start it but has been caring up until last week for the mother of the late Patrick Kavungura, one of the original Kenya Peacemakers. Mama Kavungura passed on at the age of 94 years; we attended the burial on December 4th. According to custom, most people travel to the mortuary to view the body then return to the homestead for the burial in the garden of the home.

The youth dig the grave at dawn the same morning and return the soil at a spectacular speed after the committal.

We have now planned to start new registration of members in January 2020 with a nominated committee. We had a marvellous Prayer time where the Lord really spoke to us all about forgetting the former things (Isaiah 43) and marching forward, finally reaching our hope and future (Jeremiah 29;11).

I am looking forward to stepping back a little to see the Kenyans organise and manage more. The new committee will plan regular activities including the start of a Bible Teaching base, monitor the Youth projects for tree planting, poultry and livestock. We will revive our Craft projects and extend training activities for nutrition and health. We plan to do a lot more marketing of our accommodation and facilities. We have seen how God has taken us on a journey to where we are now and are excited for the next stage.

Our real needs at the moment are to get the greenhouse up and running for planting more sensitive seedlings like avocado and macadamia and rotating to capsicums again but by constructing soil tunnels as the soil we have has wilt. We would be getting new soil from Mt Kenya Forest. This will be another Youth project, along with the poultry rearing. At the moment, there are hundreds of idle school leavers around, without funds for further education and few opportunities for any employment. We also need to make

money from the B&B business and catering. Our profits return to the vulnerable. We really have to see God getting all the glory when we see this place prospering. Here are some of the rooms for you to stay.








We are all thankful for your wonderful support. The students continue to be able to attend school because of regular gifts. The Terrington Ladies have been stars in contributions for beans for the Disabled children, and lovely knitted jumpers, the Swansea Ladies the same. Thanks to Lifewell for money for food distribution for needy families this Christmas and the Orphans’ Party. Thanks to the Taylor Davids for moving us so far forward with water projects. Thanks again to the Beadles who have enabled us to help so many people. Thank you for all your gifts and prayers.

Much love from all the team here and from my new addition of a Cardigan corgi, Evie (AMAZING, I know)

Happy Christmas from Kenya!

e-Bulletin No.18 September 2019

In the last two bulletins, I have been informing you about our current transition period to make the Resource Centre a self-supporting project. We now have our two Title Deeds naming Peacemakers Community based Organisation as the absolute owners of the land and its assets. All of our facilities on-site are now up and running to develop our commercial projects.

May I take this opportunity to invite you to come to Kenya, maybe en route to a safari, or otherwise, to stay in our beautiful Resource Centre and experience the real Kenyan way of life. Our centre is deliberately built in a poor rural area, endeavouring to create a better standard of life to the local communities. We will, of course, continue to work in the mission field of teaching and training while, at the same time, bringing employment and casual labour to the local people, as they serve you through the commercial side.

Take a look at “Peacemakers’ Homestead”, or this Air B&B link, for our accommodation ‘on-site’ in Embu County, Kenya. You will see Isaac and Christine who are the co-hosts and now husband and wife, ready to welcome you! Christine is Peacemakers’ Director on-site and Isaac, the Projects’ Development Manager. We currently have five bedrooms but we are looking to increase that capacity. We will be ready on October 1st to take your bookings for an overnight stay or longer. Isaac can also help you organise your visit and walks on Mt. Kenya and is even available to escort you, if you wish. We can also offer to meet you at the airport in Nairobi to guide you on your way to visit us.


If you have the desire to work voluntarily within the local community, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me about the range of activities you may be interested in. It will be a very rewarding experience as so many of our volunteers over the years have found; email: Brenda Marshall

We were so blessed by the donation from the Richard Taylor family in Swansea, for the purchase of a solar panel to power a water pump which would irrigate the shamba and tree nursery and for the cleaning of the animal sheds. The solar pump continues to improve our sustainability and save us so much money on electricity bills. They also kindly donated money for 11 Bibles and 5 water filters!

We are truly thrilled and blessed. They also sponsored one room to be painted ready for drugs counselling sessions.

At last, the chicken-shed, named after our Australian visitor, is in full swing and people are coming to buy the chicks at 1 month or older; the price goes up according to length of stay at the Cameron chickhouse. This is a great project. It is so profitable and Cameron has helped us enormously to focus on sustainable activities.

We were happy to have a visit from the Embassy of Ireland again this month, to monitor our progress and use of the piggery, greenhouse and incubator. They were so happy! We are praying they will allow us to apply for funding to put soil bags into the greenhouse so that we can overcome the challenge of the wilt!

The solar lights in the house are working well and have reduced our bill dramatically, although we are still waiting for Kenya Power to install a tokens meter for sockets use. Isaac Munene continues to manage our development and to acquire the best quality and deals for all our needs. His heart remains fixed on our total success.

I was so blessed at my grandson Nathan’s marriage to Debbie this summer, by the interest shown in our Charity Peacemakers by some of the guests. Nathan and Debbie decided to get married in May at the most beautiful venue named ‘Abbazia di San Galgano’ in Northern Italy. After the actual marriage in the ruins of the Abbey, we had the reception in the adjacent buildings.

During the groom’s speech, his guests rallied round and had a wager as to how long his speech would be (2 minutes?… maybe a little longer with thanking everybody for coming). No, Nathan excelled himself by having something special to say about most of the guests present, including a mention about the work of Peacemakers in Kenya. One of his friends, Tom Mills and his wife (who were the professional photographers at the wedding), actually won the wager by being the nearest in guessing 26 minutes. I don’t know whether he had some inside Information or not but was duly presented with the winnings of £125.00.

During the evening celebrations Tom and Sarah came to me and donated the £125 to Peacemakers, to meet whatever need I chose in Kenya. Also, another couple,Sheridan and his wife Georgiana who are lawyers, wish to visit our Resource Centre some time next year while holidaying. They love Kenya and wish to photograph the wild life and serve the community with their skills. Lastly, another Uni friend of Nathan’s, Sherri, wants to find out more information about us, to pass on to friends who are already working in Kenya. Maybe there will be some ‘networking’ with them in the future.

I have already transferred the £125.00 across to Kenya and bought a Battery for our solar panels, so thank you Tom and Sarah, your generosity has already made a great difference to the sustained running of Peacemakers Kenya.


I just want you all to know, that this work and development has only happened because of your faithfulness and support over the many years. Please continue to pray for us and the ongoing work of the Lord at Peacemakers in Kenya.
With Love and Appreciation,

e-bulletin no.16 December 2018

⭐️ Christian Greetings to ALL PEACEMAKERS⭐️

⭐️Be encouraged to walk out of the shadows and darkness of this world to follow the STAR of LIGHT and PEACE as the shepherds did long ago and who DID find what they were searching for: unconditional LOVE and a sense of belonging. ⭐️


Peacemakers -e-bulletin no.16 December 2018

Like any changes you have to make in life, it’s difficult to accept and adjust to a new way. Peacemakers are not exempt from this experience either. It has been a difficult transition period for us but with God’s help we are moving in the right direction. ⭐️

We are now closing down the old way of management and starting up a new more homely environment with a commercial edge at our Resource Centre in Kenya. ⭐️ It has always been the intention to advertise the venue and facilities for hire in order to fund and maintain the Centre and provide support to our activities and the surrounding communities. The aim being, to make the project self -sufficient.

We plan to provide, what we are calling the Peacemakers Homestead, which will be accommodation with food, for visitors to enjoy within the grounds of the Resource Centre and for them to see first- hand how Kenyans live. ⭐️This beautiful venue will also be available to hire for weddings, conferences and training courses, plus for a short holiday ‘stay’ on the way to safari.

⭐️ Cameron Millikan, a dear Australian friend who had been working in London, volunteered to help us and visited the project for two weeks on his way home to Australia. He was able to create a new web-site in Kenya and has helped promote our name and purposes on the internet including plans and advertising for the new ‘Homestead’ project. ⭐️I can now tell you that the new email address is and to view the website, click here:

Peacemakers will still be very active within the original vision at home and abroad, consolidating relationships with local ministers and stakeholders. We will now have to proceed to register and licence this new business venture with the Kenyan Government. ⭐️ We will remain a non-profit making organisation with our income used to fund the Resource Centre, provide wages for the new staff and to continue our on-going support to the vulnerable in the community.

⭐️ Meanwhile I would like to thank you for your continued prayerful and financial support and would ask if you could help in a small way to contribute towards the costs of the furnishings for our accommodation units and the licences we need to get us started on this new road. ⭐️

It is a very troubled world we live in but I and the Peacemakers Team would like to extend the Peace and Love that Jesus brings when we seek Him.⭐️

May you and your families have a Joyful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 🎄❄️

With love from


New Year eBulletin 2018

Welcome to the Peacemakers New Year eBulletin 2018. With so much bad news in the world, we hope we can lift your spirits with a short, encouraging story of a then student, Tom Beak, returning to Peacemakers Kenya after 7 years!

"When my first visit to Kathagari came to an end in 2010, I was adamant that I'd return soon. At the time, I did not imagine that this return would come a full 7 years later, but it was well worth the wait!.

The work that Chrissie has done with the local community and the progress made on the site is incredible - the plot was unrecognisable. Where I remembered building works, now stands a number of very impressive buildings - some in full use (such as the IT training centre) and some ready to be a roaring success (such as the Cafe).

It was great to see many recognisable and friendly faces (not least because I'd spent the previous few weeks alone on the back of a motorbike), but the real pleasure came from being able to contribute in a tangible way. With help from Brenda and Chrissie (and the generosity of my late Grandad), we were able to provide water filters to selected local families, packs to the graduating class at Kivuria Primary School (Peacemakers' neighbour) and a new printer for the IT training room.

It meant a great deal to contribute to a place where I have such fond memories and to finally fulfil my promise to return. Visiting Kathagari and witnessing the positive work that Peacemakers continue to do...

...working with the local community rather than for it, is always a rewarding and enlightening experience - as such, I have already promised to revisit and really hope it's not another 7 years before I do!"


Fundraiser For Peacemakers Kenya, hosted by Liz Darlington.

 New Year drinks evening at Seer Green Friday 19th January     7.30 - 10.30 pm

£5 to include a glass of mulled wine and nibbles.

RSVP.  Liz Darlington 

In 2015 I was lucky enough to visit this amazing organization. This year I am looking to return with the intention of supporting families and young children in a pre-school setting. Any funds raised during this evening will go directly towards resources out in Kenya.  

Please bring along any unwanted Christmas presents and get a free go at the raffle. If you cannot attend and would like to buy raffle tickets, I am happy to sell them separately!  

Thank you so much for your support with this and I look forward to seeing you there!

What a wonderful story, thank you Tom! And Liz's fundraiser and trip to Kenya are eagerly anticipated! Peacemakers would like to encourage anyone who has a heart to help those in need, to spend a week or two volunteering with us in Kenya. These opportunities truly can be a life changing experience, as so many have found out! Helping the Kenyans work their way out of poverty and with Peacemakers great facilities for their health and education, let’s thank God for his blessings and allowing us to continue being part of the answer to people’s needs.

A Happy and prosperous new year to you all,

From Brenda & the team.

Peacemakers Kenya Management Plan

The following statement is being distributed in and around Peacemakers Kenya, to give everyone an understanding of how we intended to run and maintain the facilities there long term. A PDF version of the document can be read, downloaded or printed using this link.

Brenda Marshall, Director of Peacemakers International, would like to inform you of the changes that are being made for the future and maintenance of Peacemakers Christian Community Resource Centre at Kivuria, near Kathageri. The centre has to generate money to become self-supporting from the hiring of functioning buildings, equipment, micro-enterprises, training courses and many other projects that the whole community benefit from. We hope local businesses will see the potential in sponsoring some of the events and benefiting also themselves by having conferences using and enjoying the wonderful facilities available for all.

We have recently had the Annual General Meeting, at which new members were elected from community nominations. First though, I would like to thank those people who have been serving Peacemakers since the death of my husband Dennis Marshall, the founder of Peacemakers Kenya in 1992.
There are many people I want to thank for giving their time, love, care and skills in nurturing the development of this huge project, for which Pastor Dennis from the UK, laid the Spiritual foundation:

Pastor Sammy Gitungu whom Dennis first met in Norway and who invited us to come to Kenya to share the “Good News”. I want to thank him for his steadfastness and faithfulness through all the difficulties that have occurred in our journey together. He has also served as Chairman for many years, even after he retired as an EAPC overseer and now continues to serve as our Honorary Member of Peacemakers and Pastor of God’s Vision.

Grace Kauma was one of the first people that we met when arriving in Embu and Dennis said that she was a person that would be involved in God’s work in the future, and so she has. She has always been so very wise and supportive in all the events that we have organised, especially playing a great role in training courses. She is a great one in gathering people together, a great public speaker and is able to convey the mission of Peacemakers to all. I would like to thank her for her good work as Secretary and her acceptance of becoming the new Chairperson.

Lucy Ndwiga. When we met Lucy Ndwiga, she was already interested and involved in Drugs’ Awareness. She readily became one of those involved in our Campaign against Drug Abuse (CADA group) with her busy life; she still managed to serve as our Treasurer up until recently. My gratitude to you, Lucy, for your time, love and dedication to serving Peacemakers as an official and for continuing to be one of our main supporters.

These, and many others (Emily Nyaga (Pendo), the late Kavungura, Jacinta Kinyua, James Riua, Phoebe Ndwiga) have been the backbone and developers of the mission of Peacemakers and the growth of the Resource Centre. I want to acknowledge the importance of their input to us over the years. A special thankyou goes to Peter Githaka Njagi, who has served as a loyal Chairman with a true servant heart; now to become the Treasurer. My congratulations and thanks go to him, alongside some other long serving dedicated trustees who remain on the new Board of Trustees. They are:

Chairperson: – Madam Grace Kauma
Secretary: – Patrick Kabuthi
Treasurer: – Peter Wagakindi
Elizabeth Wangui
Pastor Nephat Nyaga
Gitonga Njagi
Phides Rwamba
Joan Murugi
Revd Sammy Gitungu, Honorary Member of Peacemakers
Christine Gibbard is a volunteer, working alongside the trustees as the UK representative and Project Director

Peacemakers UK are the owners of the Resource centre but it “belongs” to the community in Kenya as they enjoy its amenities with Christine Gibbard being their representative on site and project Director. All the trustees will oversee the new Management Team, who are involved in:-

The spiritual mission of bringing church leaders together; being PEACEMAKERS
Community service to vulnerable people,
Projects that will raise funds, (poultry rearing, greenhouse produce, Pamoja Café etc.)
Hosting further education and life skills training.
We want Jesus Christ to be at the Head of everything we are trying to achieve, living by His principles; loving and caring for each other and making room for the Holy Spirit to bind us together in Love. God bless you.

Brenda Marshall
Director of Peacemakers UK.

e-link bulletin No.14 Sept 2017

Summer is over and the children are starting a new year at school, an expensive time for all parents, buying uniforms and books.  Likewise for Kenyan parents too who, until recently, had to pay school fees as well or not attend school, but I’m very pleased to inform you now that the Kenyan Government do pay teachers wages for primary  school education only (not senior school) and have recently began to sponsor a classroom and one teacher’s pay for nursery education, but not all schools yet. Unfortunately there is still no ‘special needs care’.  Peacemakers has some responsibility for Kuvuria School which is situated close by our Resource Centre. It has primary and senior classes and also a handicapped residential unit. Young people of all ages from the unit attend the primary school! Christine is on the Board of Governors and is a very active member in their personal care, transporting them to hospital appointments.







At this point I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to friends of Peacemakers who have faithfully supported (and still are) a needy child through school and who have knitted green school jumpers and organised fund raising events for improving their living facilities and funding disabled toilets and wash rooms on school premises.

On Christine’s return to Kenya in July, the Irish Embassy visited our Centre to inspect how we spent their donation, they left very satisfied and pleased with the outcome.  One of the conditions of spending was to buy and erect a greenhouse to help the community to become more self sufficient.

We are endeavoring to start a Mother/Grandparent/Toddler group at our Resource Centre  and also an Adult Reading Class for the non educated adults whose parents were not able to pay school fees.  Liz Darlington who has volunteered and visited Kenya before, is planning to go again in the new year to help Grace Kauma with the next stage.  Her visit has been delayed because of the Kenyan Presidential Election’s default and the re-Election has now been scheduled for the 17th October. Liz is going to organise a Fund Raiser before she leaves for Kenya, this will help pay for her visit and to pay for the registration of these two groups and other expenses incurred.  So if you would like to support her in any way, please get in touch with me.

Kim Lambden and her colleague Dr.Len Almond have just completed an inspirational learning book for under 5s ‘Step into Purposeful Play’ and I have sent a copy over to Kenya for Grace and Liz to introduce and take into classes in Kenya. Liz will also attend one of Kim's training courses before she leaves for Kenya.

Sadly Kim’s colleague died recently but he did see their work in print.  You can view the book on her website;









As you know we are in a transition stage in Kenya. We have stopped paying wages and are encouraging the Kenyans to become self employed, which is a very difficult thing to achieve, simply because the communities are so poor and cannot help themselves even though they are trying. I have written several times to my MP to ask if they could divert a little amount of the huge Aid the UK sends to Kenya and Commonwealth countries, to cover overheads and help maintain the Resource Centre, but without success. We have also written letters to Business Houses in Kenya (list of names provided by Minister for Kenya ) to support financially the Centre at the same time enjoying the facilities for holding conferences there and benefiting from their investment, without response. We have had, on the other hand, a financial one off donation last year from the French Embassy and this year a donation from the Irish Embassy.  Nothing from the British Embassy although they have been approached. Also we won the Good Samaritan Award. Leading up to the General Election in August. We held election campaigns on our site and I'm sure will be used again, in the build up for the re-Election. So you can begin to see how difficult it is for the poor to have a voice and to receive any help from their own Government.

Breaking News from Kenya:

Christine is having a second operation on her eye in Kenyatta Hospital Nairobi on 17th October.  Please support her at this difficult time in prayer.  Thank you

The Presidential Election that took place 9th August 2017 was judged as default and a re-Election was planned for 17th October,  however, this has now been changed to 26th October 2017.  All our plans have come to a halt re. ECD Educational Dept. as nobody will commit themselves because the Government is still not settled.

Make sure you see our next bulletin when Tom Beak’s visit to Kenya will be featured and hopefully the situation in Kenya will be more settled.

God Bless you.

Brenda & the team


e-link bulletin No.12 Mar 2017

We are pleased to announce…




ISAAC GACUGO a 75 year old man walked 515 km all round Mt Kenya, visiting 6 counties.He was flagged off with great ceremony by H.E Governor Martin Wambora on 23rd January 2017 from Embu.






Joan Rushden and Chrissie completing the last day of the walk with sponsorship from supporters back in the UK. Well done ladies, best foot forward!




The walk promoted the need to help the vulnerable and the banner was promoting a Peaceful General Election campaign in 2017, for which our resource centre is a focal point for such gatherings. A short News Report Video can be seen here, and If you would like to read Chrissie's report on the walk, please click on this link.





Here is our new Incubator for hatching chicks, sponsored by the Irish Embassy.








Here is our new Piggery, almost completed. This too was sponsored by the Irish Embassy (notice the green paint!!). We still have a greenhouse to build as our part of the sponsorship deal  and we hope this will be finished in the very near future.



Here is a link to a report from Helen Maguire, who recently visited the resource centre with Andrew & Molly! I would just like to add that Molly suffers with Leukaemia and is on medication and a special diet so doesn't eat or sleep well. But Chrissie reports that Molly was eating and sleeping well whilst there. It's amazing the blessing you can receive when giving to others!

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Grace, a trustee from Kenya, was visiting her daughter in Chorleywood and spent a week with Brenda to discuss the way forward for the resource centre. Brenda held an "At home with Grace" day for people to come and have tea with Grace and ask questions about life in Kenya. It was a great time and Peacemakers was given a donation by Watton-at Stone Tuesday community group (photo right). Grace was very blessed by the warm welcome she was given.

We still have outstanding needs to furnish our restaurant ( a focal point for community gatherings and raising funds for self maintenance of the centre), for the proposed opening on the 25th March. This is the time when we have invited sponsors of the walk to bring what they've raised and join the celebrations. It will promote the wonderful facilities that Peacemakers have developed for the community's future. People have been trained & jobs provided, now we have skilled professional Kenyans to continue the work. If you feel you would like to help where there is a need, please see the list of items by clicking the link below and contact Brenda.

List of Needs to complete the restaurant

Thank you, Brenda & the team.

Helen, Andrew and Molly’s trip to Peacemakers Kenya, Feb 2017

It was another sunny morning as we excitedly set off from Nairobi for the drive to Denis Marshall Foundation, Kathageri on Monday 20th February.
I was so pleased to see Christine again and renew friendships with those living and working there, that I had met in 2010 and 2012, and we were given a wonderful welcome.




Meeting Isaac, the sponsored walker!






It was Molly’s first trip to Kenya and she was really amazed at the beautiful bourgainvillea, gardens and centre that has been built there over the past 9 years. I could not believe all that had been achieved by Christine and her team over the past 5 years since I last visited and we were all especially impressed by the new restaurant that is about to be opened. We admired the woodwork and other carpentry done by Boniface and the Makuti roof made so beautifully by Rooney and a tutor from Mombasa for the restaurant. It is so clever how the craft room and other rooms are integral to the building underneath it.
Not only that, but the Shamba has grown with the new animals and the slightly larger area and we watched as the new Pigsty was nearly completed by Boniface and the others in the week we were there. The goats and piglets were real characters and should provide some much needed income. It is lovely that the Irish Embassy has given the award to Peacemakers’ for this. Also the chicken house is well stocked too! We saw the incubator awaiting eggs to start the cycle again!

The building attached to Kisimani  House is truly amazing with the computer suite, library and Reception area attached thanks to some funding from the French Embassy in Nairobi. What a mighty work Christine has achieved with Peacemakers’ friends fundraising and the support from the Embassies.

We were very comfortable in Kisimani house with the lovely rooms and luxury of a shower or bath in two places, and of course food a plenty on the table thanks to Christine, Fred, Wawi, Josephine and others. Andrew and I had withdrawal symptoms from the Mangoes and Pineapple and Passion fruit we were given and Molly especially liked the passion fruit.

One of the many highlights of the week was to visit the Kivuria small Home and Primary school just up the road and present the jumpers, exercise books, varied pencils and other items to the jovial and very friendly Head teacher Madam Lilian Ireri. The new Deputy Head had given us a tour of the grounds and three classrooms. Between the two of them, I think that the school will go from strength to strength, if the three teachers who were promoted are replaced, and the Government delivers on the books and new Curriculum promised. In addition, there is the underlying and wonderful support of Peacemakers International for the small Home and other children in the main school.

Money we raised was spent in Embu on a decoder (to change the analogue to a digital signal) and an aerial for the television in the small Home for disabled children. It may also help with the electrical work to get the solar panel working for electricity. Isaac, a new recruit to Peacemakers who has experience in all kinds of work (he was most welcome on our trips) had put the aerial up that morning before we visited school!

There were many other highlights including the visit to Chuka for drugs for the health needs of ladies on site and it was lovely to see a quick recovery for them. There was also a heartrending visit later in the day to give John his epilepsy drugs and before meeting his family, looking into to the muddy space he calls home. There are holes in the walls stuffed with plastic bags and it is not water or weather proof. His half-brother was given his own jersey on our visit to the school later in the week. We were shocked to see Patrick remove Jiggers from under the toenails of Eric although it was Andrew who gave them support all afternoon whilst Molly and I didn’t like to watch!! It is great that there is a campaign on ‘Jiggers’ at present.



Krispie cakes, tea loaf, chocolate tiffin and buns anyone!







On the Friday afternoon, Molly and I showed Fred, Stella and Wawira how to make Krispie cakes, tea loaf, chocolate tiffin and buns which was great fun. The next afternoon they taught us how to make chapatti dough. This was all for the guests we were expecting for the great visit from the famous Kenyan Gospel Singer ‘Daddy Owen’. In fact, he eventually arrived Sunday morning when we were at service in Chuka town Methodist Church, but he was still there when we returned. He is a very impressive young man with an increasing knowledge of the needs and the places supporting children and adults with disabilities. He was visibly moved by the wonderful work being done on the Peacemakers site. It was so lovely to see him give Christine the wonderful Malaika Foundation award.





Chrissie receiving the Malaika Foundation's

Good Samaritan award.




There I much more we could say but suffice to say that Molly said when we had been that she could live there and we are all saving hard for a further trip!
I will always remember Josephine’s wonderful singing of ‘Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee, How great thou art how great thou art! as we left feeling quite sad but with God’s Peace and Joy in our hearts.

Thank you so much to Christine and all her team for giving us a wonderful week at Denis Marshall Foundation. It was such a privilege to share Kenyan life there for a week.

May God Bless all whom we met in Kenya and may His Blessing be upon the wonderful work being done there by Peacemakers International.

Helen Maguire


e-link bulletin No.11 Jan 2017

Peacemakers e-link Bulletin 11   Jan 2017

We have had some exciting news leading up to Christmas.  From all the letters we sent to companies and embassies requesting financial support for the future of Peacemakers, The Irish Embassy responded, visited our Resource Centre, and was so encouraged with what they saw, they pledged to sponsor us for around £5000.00 to purchase a greenhouse, a piggery etc. I also had news from Christine that our sow had given birth to six piglets, so the timing was perfect, a new family sty for them.  It just didn’t end there, somebody had anonymously nominated us for The Good Samaritan award, which is a prize that is awarded every year in Nairobi.  Peacemakers’ won it this year for the work we have done with the vulnerable over the year. Christine and three other Peacemakers’ were invited to dinner to the Kenya International Conference Centre and presented with the prize of around £1000.00.  Such a blessing and a BIG thank you for all our friends who have sponsored so regularly for these vulnerable children’s education.

This brought us into 2017 with great gusto to organise the ‘Walk’ that Isaac Gacugo has volunteered to do.  He did suggest walking from Mombasa to Nairobi, but it was felt that this route was too dangerous so another route has been planned to start on 23rd January and our Chief for the Embu District will start him off from Embu Town.  The walk will be across country for safety reasons around the foot hills of Mt Kenya and will take approximately 12 days staying overnight in arranged accommodation.   Others will be walking with Isaac and giving out invitations to come to the opening of the Restaurant on 25th March 2017 and bring their sponsored money with them, while newcomers will join the walk at Karurumo to finish at our Resource Centre on 4th February.


I’m sorry, but the change of date for the ‘Opening’ was unavoidable because there is so much to arrange and we were just running out of time.  The last day of the walk on 4th February, will be re-walked again on 25th March to co-inside with the ‘Opening’.

Joan Rushton is visiting Kenya again in early February and will be one of those people who will be joining the walk on the last day and has a few friends who are sponsoring her.  Well done Joan.

Helen and Molly are also visiting in February, Molly for the first time, but Helen has been several times before and works very hard in raising money for Peacemakers within her church members, groups and friends.  Thank you Helen.

Hundreds of letters have been distributed and I’ve been told that Ben Muriria who works for the President of Kenya will personally take a letter to the First Lady for us, so wouldn’t it be wonderful if she came along to the opening.  Fanta from  Kigumo will help with media coverage.  Peter Wag will lend his bike (I don’t know who is riding this) and Christine will be driving ahead.

Grace Kaurma, who is the Secretary and Trustee of Peacemakers in Kenya, is visiting her family who live in the UK and I’m taking the opportunity of spending some time with her.  Grace has been the principal of a private girl’s school and is retired now.  She has been involved with Peacemakers for 30 years + and maybe this is the time that Grace could be more involved in taking some responsibility in the Micro Enterprise projects.

Grace is spending a week with me and I’m having a ‘At Home with Grace’ Wednesday afternoon 18th January.  I know its short notice but it’s an informal time to meet Grace and have Tea and Cake with her.  I know it’s a work day but do come if you can.

Please keep us in your prayers
Every Blessing