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Primary Health Care: Mosquito Nets & Abandoned Babies


On a Peacemaker’s trip to Kenya we cam across a distressed mother and her 7 month old baby (one of twin boys), possibly dying of malaria. He was being administered life saving treatment and we now know there is a happy sequel to those distressing scenes. This photograph was taken a few days later and as you can see the baby is alive and well with a relieved and happy mother.





 “Abandoned babies”, a very common problem. This photo is a close-up of one of them. The only comfort and love the baby has is a knitted blanket donated by a sponsor that cared. The baby is in waiting to placed somewhere. These babies are abandoned by there young mothers at birth. The mothers are probably dying of aids and are unable to cope with a baby. Can you help us to set up a haven or drop-in centre, where pregnant girls can come anonymously for care, a bed and maybe medication? When the baby is born, it will not need to be left abandoned in a sewer or similar place for hopefully the police to find before it is too late! Instead it would have already be in a place of love and care in a community, even if unfortunately the mother dies.





This is a primary school in rural Kenya where free double sized, treated mosquito nets are being distributed to every child in the school to take home. They are big enough for a family.







This photo shows a demonstration to children and their parents, on setting up and using a net in their ‘shambas’ (homes).







This photograph displays mothers and their babies arriving at the school when they heard that free mosquito nets were being given out. Peacemakers only had enough for the school children and

their families on that particular day. The young mothers in the photo went without, but if you would like to purchase a mosquito net for them at a small price of £4.00 per net – then please send your donation to Peacemakers in the knowledge that every penny will help to save a family’s life.