Our Charter

Peacemakers’ Charter

Peacemakers International – A Christian Charitable Trust

Peacemakers International www.peacemakers-international.com is a Christian Charitable Trust.  Its UK address is 19 Lammas Road, Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire SG14 3RH.

Hereafter in this document Peacemakers International is named The Trust for brevity.

As the Charter is a living document it will be subject to review and changes on an annual basis which will be carried out by the Officers and Members of The Trust. 

Details of such changes will appear at the foot of the document.

 The Trust works with Churches and other Community groups, in recent years primarily in Africa to initiate and support social action projects for the benefit of local people and to share the unity of Jesus Christ.  It is an interdenominational Christian organisation.

Peacemakers had its beginnings with Dennis and Brenda Marshall who were church leaders in Hertfordshire until Dennis’ death in 1998.

The sharing of Peacemakers’ vision began in Hertfordshire with the formation of a Christian Interdenominational Ministry Resource Team, who in turn, encouraged (by example) in bringing God’s people together to worship Him as ‘One Body’.

Dennis, as leader of the Resource Team, then travelled to Norway, with members of the Team, sharing the vision there which was captured by Ministers from all denominations across the country.

It was whilst teaching in Kvinisdal Bible College in Norway; Dennis met Pastor Sammy of the East African Pentecostal Church (EAPC) a student from Kenya at the School, who invited him to bring the vision to Kenya.

Peacemaker’s International vision is to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ by meeting the Spiritual and Practical needs of people both at home and abroad.  Brenda continues the work and is The Trust’s Director.  For more information about the history and development of Peacemakers, please see the website.

The Trust is in partnership with Links-International (Charity No 327000) who is responsible for handling The Trust’s finances and our Gift Aid donations claiming Tax Refunds and overseeing our charitable giving account.  In this way The Trust can guarantee that every penny donated will go to its intended beneficiary.

Peacemakers in Kenya is a registered Community Based Organisation (CBO) with a currently acting Board of Trustees (as of December 2011), with its own Constitution but which operates under the guidance of The Trust.

Peacemakers Kenya has a further partner; Campaign Against Drug Abuse (CADA) also has CBO status.

 The Trust owns the Dennis Marshall Foundation Peacemakers Community Resource Centre, and Interdenominational Prayer House and other buildings which stand on 1 acre of land at Kivumburi, Kivuria; Plot 6171, Runyen’jes, Embu, Kenya.  Peacemakers Kenya employs two Askaris (night watchmen) on the site and is responsible for paying their salaries.  The Trust is responsible for the upkeep of the land and buildings and the hiring of them.  Peacemakers Kenya is responsible for the hiring of other equipment in order to generate funds.

There are 3 Officers of the Trust, each being committed to the vision of Peacemakers which is defined in the Peacemakers Constitution.


  1. Director

Brenda Marshall, who gives spiritual guidance to the other Officers and Members of The Trust and Peacemakers Kenya Board of Trustees.


  1. Treasurer

Responsible for the finances of The Trust which has one bank account with Lloyds TSB in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.  This account contains money that is not subject to Gift Aid.  All other money is lodged with Links-International.


  1. Secretary

Responsible for calling meetings as instructed by the Director, minuting meetings and submitting the minutes for approval to the Director. The minutes, once approved are distributed to all Officers, Members, Supporters and to anyone else upon request.


 Other Individuals Supporting The Trust

Project Director of the Resource Centre in Kenya.

There is one person working at The Dennis Marshall Foundation on a semi-permanent basis, Christine Gibbard who is funded by The Trust and its supporters.  She is accountable to the Director, takes instruction from The Trust and co-ordinates the work in Kenya.



These are participants, also committed to the Peacemakers’ vision, who partake in meetings and advise, take action and support the Officers of The Trust.


Supporters, Associate Members and Sponsors

These individuals are not necessarily Christian but are involved in one way or another in the activities of The Trust.



In the United Kingdom these consist of fundraising, planning and encouraging people to visit Kenya to help with the development of The Resource Centre in Kenya.

In Kenya, activities are many and varied, but have involved the following: Christian faith – based seminars, AIDS Awareness, Primary Health Care, Drugs Awareness Training Seminars, Cultural and Sports events, Micro Enterprises including the purchase of livestock, mosquito nets, boreholes for water and other Community projects.  These are resourced and managed by The Trust, with help from Peacemakers Kenya.


Amendment Number.

Date of Change.

Changes Made.


1. January   2012 Document   introduced. M   Gordon/D Bissell
2. June   2013 5th   -7th and 8th -9th paragraphs reworded, last   paragraph, first sentence activities expanded. B   Marshall