A Resource Centre

Our main activities at the centre focus on bringing community stake-holders, opinion leaders, church leaders, politicians and administrative personnel together to better serve the community at large. We also see the building and grounds being used as a central meeting place for groups, eg. women, people living with HIV AIDs, drug addicts support trainings. Also celebrations, weddings, retreat days, Youth talent shows etc.

The following is a list of what the community resource centre in Kenya is and will be used for:

  • A vibrant and effective community education and development age-friendly centre with training opportunities for particular groups of all ages; early childhood through to the elderly
  • A community information centre which communicates to all about activities and events going on in the county; to advertise opportunities for training, job skills etc; a community empowerment centre offering training in efficient farming methods, value addition, entrepreneurship; saving techniques; business acumen; asset building; wealth creation
  • An interdenominational centre for church and faith leaders to get together to discuss spiritual and social issues; to promote peaceful lifestyles and tribal harmony
  • A venue for a community library to elevate standards of reading and access to enjoyable books; books clubs; adult literacy; newspapers; a venue for television and projected educative films
  • An Arts’ centre; a venue where all ages can demonstrate and maintain cultural traditions in creative arts and crafts; where dance drama, music and performance arts can be celebrated.
  • A community health education centre; a permanent facility for HIV AIDS counseling and testing and access to support ; a venue for PLWAS groups to meet for mutual support and education; a venue for a community data base on the vulnerable and those charities , NGOs and services which can meet some of their needs to network and perform effectively through monitoring and evaluation of projects; an information base for knowledge about and prompt responses to common diseases; diabetes, heart conditions; a training centre for emergency first aid etc
  • An effective county base for drugs awareness training, counseling and rehabilitative care; a network centre for NACADA in the heart of a drugs effected community
  • A counseling and guidance centre for youth with adolescent and young adult issues; sexual health and relationships; family issues and pressures; avoidance of early pregnancies; and support for teenage mothers in child care, healthy diets etc
  • An eco-tourism centre; a base for visitors to see rural activities at first hand; a stop-over for travellers to the mount Kenya region; a place for gap-year students and volunteers to give their time and energy to aid community development
  • An environmentally friendly centre
  • An attractive and peaceful meeting place in the hall, the field , the house, the proposed restaurant for groups , for the gathering of large crowds, bazaars, family celebrations, weddings, youth talent shows and motivational days etc
  • A short term retreat centre for respite care for disabled people or people living with stress
  • A place for workshops where unskilled youth can fabricate items for sale; leather work, beadwork, carpentry, tailoring; a place to restore self dignity and avoid idleness
  • A cyber café for all ages to access office services and the technology to improve their learning and living standards
  • A place where the facilities and resources can be hired at affordable prices