Peacemakers: e-link Bulletin No.15 May 2018

A  Volunteer In Kenya!

Three years on and a return visit to Peacemakers Kenya …. wow what a difference!
It was truly amazing to see all that had happened and the huge progress that is making such an impact on the local community : the computer room in regular use,

the library stocked with a fantastic selection of books and resources, and the ever expanding “farm”, with livestock, an incubator for chicken production and the wonderful greenhouse producing yet more plants for selling on.

It was especially exciting to see how successful the impressive café is proving. Now up and running and supporting the community with superb hospitality and such impressive food that even the guests who had rented it for the day asked to take any spare food home with them !

What hadn’t changed of course was the warm welcome, the gratitude and friendliness of the Kenyan people, young and old, where the sun shone out from their very souls.

This time my visit was predominantly to support the local schools with “Purposeful Play”, inspired by Brenda`s daughter, Kim. I was lucky enough to visit three local settings where I was able to demonstrate the importance of play to support physical development, particularly with the youngest children in Nursery and Reception classes. Not only did the children have great fun but the adults definitely did as well ! These play resources can now be borrowed from the Peacemakers` Resource Centre whenever desired, and enjoyed for many years to come.

It is with huge thanks to friends and family who supported my fundraising that not only was I able to take out a fantastic range of resources but I was also able to give money to fund the construction of a more stable and secure driveway down onto the site. This means that they have now accessibility for all. This is especially important to the visitors who arriving by wheelchair, found the route down to the worship hall, resource area and café impossible. How amazing was it that within hours of handing over the money, lovely Zongo and team were preparing the driveway and within days it had been completed !!

Provision for all, including the more vulnerable allows Peacemakers to reach far into the community, to touch the lives of so many people. Visiting families with clothes, supporting with medical needs and all with the cheerful anticipation that the steadfast truck may just need a little hand now and then !

None of this would have been made possible without the support and dedication of Brenda, working tirelessly here in the UK. And of course, to lovely Chrissie and her wonderful “right hand man”, Isaac; it is with such heart-felt thanks that my love goes out to them and all the wonderful team out in Kenya. Thank you for your incredible hospitality and supporting everything I achieved.

Some how humour and God`s love gets them through each and every day and each and every challenge !

I have returned with such very special memories and feel truly honoured that I could spend just a short while with them.
Thank you again Peacemakers; thank you Kenya !
Liz Darlington x

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