Our Constitution

Peacemakers International, www.peacemakers-international.com is a Christian Charitable Trust.  Its UK address is 19 Lammas Road, Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire SG14 3RH.

In this document Peacemakers International is named The Trust for brevity.


Mission Statement

To advance Christian principles of living in a spiritual and practical way.

To demonstrate God’s love by endeavouring to meet people of all ages of their need level, both at home and abroad.



  1. To      raise funds to facilitate projects which enable people to overcome poverty at home in UK and in underdeveloped countries.
  2. To      network across Christian denominations and with other charitable organisations to encourage and enlarge knowledge and skills through working together in the field.
  3. To      purchase resources and equipment to assist those in the caring professions.
  4. To      guarantee The Trust’s commitment to channel the full amount of donations to sponsor’s chosen projects.
  5. To      monitor the development and progress of self-supporting projects which impact on the work and lifestyle of all age groups in local communities.
  6. To      organise and facilitate the delivery of knowledge and skills by qualified trainers and professionals in preventive care for health and social needs.



Membership of the Trust is open to any individual (or organisation for Associate Membership) who (or which) supports the objectives contained within Mission Statement and seeks to become actively involved in the work of The Trust.

A register of Members (including names and contact details) is held by the Secretary.

A meeting of The Trust may, by a majority vote, terminate the Membership of any individual or organisation whose continued Membership would in their view be harmful to The Trust.  This may only be formalised following consideration of any written representation by the Member or organisation concerned which is provided within 14 clear days after receiving written notice of a proposed termination of Membership as agreed at a previous Members meeting.



The Director of The Trust is Brenda Marshall (co-founder with her husband the late Dennis Marshall) who has ultimate authority and sanction of all The Trust’s affairs.

The Trust shall be administered by the following Officers, all of whom shall be Members – Director, Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  One person may hold more than one role.

The Members of The Trust shall elect the Officers at the Annual General Meeting.

The Chairperson shall act as Chair at all meetings with the exception of the Annual General Meeting, when the Secretary will Chair the meeting.

The Director shall work with the elected Officers and other Members to formulate and maintain policies and guidelines for the Trust.

The Director shall have a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.

The Secretary shall give notice of all meetings and take and distribute the minutes.  The Officer’s annual reports are to be circulated with the notices for the AGM.

The Secretary shall also carry out any correspondence on behalf of the Director as instructed and maintain with the Director the register of Members.

The Treasurer shall manage with the Director the financial records and the bank account of The Trust.  The Treasurer and Director are authorised to repay expenses incurred by Members from Trust’s funds as agreed by a previous General Committee Meeting.



Meetings are to commence and finish in prayer.

General committee Meetings of Members of The Trust are to be held monthly (except August) on the 1st Tuesday, unless otherwise agreed at the previous meeting.

An Annual General Meeting is to be held in April when the Officers of the Trust are elected by a simple majority vote of Members present.

The AGM and General Committee Meetings shall determine the policy of The Trust by a majority vote with the Director holding a casting vote.

At each AGM a report is to be presented by the Director and each of the Officers of The Trust.  A Financial Report by the Treasurer is to include a separate report of the Links and Peacemakers Account and an Income and Expenditure Account for Peacemakers Kenya.

Extraordinary Meetings may be called by the joint written application of a minimum of 3 Members with 7 days’ notice to the Director and Secretary.

The quorum (minimum number) at all meetings shall be 3 Members including the Director.

The conduct and rules governing meetings shall be determined by a majority of Members with changes to the Constitution approved by a 2/3rds majority at an AGM or Extraordinary meeting only.



Property, including goods and equipment, owned by The Trust will be managed and administered by The Trust as agreed by a General Committee Meeting.



In the event of agreement to dissolve The Trust all debts are to be paid from Trust funds and the remainder transferred for the benefit of an organisation as agreed by The Trust.  All property or goods and equipment owned are to be transferred or sold by agreement at an Extraordinary Meeting called to arrange the dissolution of The Trust.


Amendment Number.

Date of Change.

Changes Made.


1. January   2012 Document   introduced. M   Gordon/D Bissell
2. June   2013 Objectives   1 and 2 changed to Mission Statement, other Objectives re-numbered B   Marshall