Mission Statement

Peacemakers International Mission Statement


1/  To advance Christian principles of living in a spiritual and practical way.

2/  To demonstrate God’s love by endeavouring to meet people of all ages at their need level, both at home and abroad.

3/  To raise funds to facilitate projects which enable people to overcome poverty at home and in under developed countries.

4/  Networking across Christian denominations and linking up with other charitable organisations to encourage and enlarge the knowledge and skills through working together in the field.

5/  To purchase resources and equipment for people in the caring professions.

6/  To guarantee our commitment to channel the full amount of donations to sponsors’ chosen projects.

7/  To monitor the development and progress of self-supporting projects which impact on the work and lifestyle of all age groups in local communities.

8/  To organise and facilitate the delivery of knowledge and skills by qualified trainers and professionals in preventative care for health and social needs:  Aids and Drugs awareness seminars, animal husbandry.