Who We Are

In August 1989, Dennis Marshall, the Pastor of Stevenage Christian Fellowship in England, was invited to teach for a week in the Bible school at Sarons Dal, Norway where Pastor Sammy Gitungu was a student. It was during this time that a relationship was formed between the two men. Dennis was invited to Kenya to share God’s vision in Sammy’s church. The first visit to Embu and Runyenjes took place in August 1991 when a small team from Peacemakers, Stevenage met with church leaders and shared the vision in their churches. This led to the planning of a leader’s seminar during the following year.

Jesus says in John’s gospel chapter 14 verse 6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me.

At this seminar over 600 leaders from many denominations met together over a week of prayer and teaching at the East African Pentecostal Church (EAPC) headquarters in Meru. Peacemaker’s Kenya had its beginnings during that time. The spirit of God’s vision for unity and peace across the churches was caught in full by Pastor Sammy and Patrick Nyaga, the headmaster of a school in the Embu district. Patrick had been asked to interpret from English to Kiembu as Dennis preached. As he interpreted Patrick was fired by the Holy Spirit and he and Sammy became the co-ordinators of the Peacemaker vision in Kenya. They continued to pray and to share this concept, moving across denominations, arranging youth and adult meetings. In 1993 and 1994 Dennis brought other teams from Peacemakers, England. They taught God’s word of Salvation and growth to the people, teaching how the Holy Spirit could empower them to live as Jesus taught. Sadly Dennis Marshall died on 16th April, l998.

As a tribute to his life and service to the Lord, many of his friends from home and abroad attended the funeral and donated money for the continuance of Peacemakers. Since then Brenda, Dennis’ widow has, with the Peacemaker’s team, continued the work. Today, Peacemakers is led by Brenda Marshall, who since the death of her husband Dennis, has become its driving force.

Brenda leads a small but strong and committed group based in Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire who are continuing the Peacemakers vision of unity across peoples and churches. Peacemakers also has a team in rural Kenya providing direction and support for a variety of community based projects. They keep in close contact with the leadership in Watton and provide additional resources when visits from the UK are organised. They also administer the annual Christian Convention in August, which is sponsored by Peacemakers.