e-link bulletin No.12 Mar 2017

We are pleased to announce…




ISAAC GACUGO a 75 year old man walked 515 km all round Mt Kenya, visiting 6 counties.He was flagged off with great ceremony by H.E Governor Martin Wambora on 23rd January 2017 from Embu.






Joan Rushden and Chrissie completing the last day of the walk with sponsorship from supporters back in the UK. Well done ladies, best foot forward!




The walk promoted the need to help the vulnerable and the banner was promoting a Peaceful General Election campaign in 2017, for which our resource centre is a focal point for such gatherings. A short News Report Video can be seen here, and If you would like to read Chrissie's report on the walk, please click on this link.





Here is our new Incubator for hatching chicks, sponsored by the Irish Embassy.








Here is our new Piggery, almost completed. This too was sponsored by the Irish Embassy (notice the green paint!!). We still have a greenhouse to build as our part of the sponsorship deal  and we hope this will be finished in the very near future.



Here is a link to a report from Helen Maguire, who recently visited the resource centre with Andrew & Molly! I would just like to add that Molly suffers with Leukaemia and is on medication and a special diet so doesn't eat or sleep well. But Chrissie reports that Molly was eating and sleeping well whilst there. It's amazing the blessing you can receive when giving to others!

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Grace, a trustee from Kenya, was visiting her daughter in Chorleywood and spent a week with Brenda to discuss the way forward for the resource centre. Brenda held an "At home with Grace" day for people to come and have tea with Grace and ask questions about life in Kenya. It was a great time and Peacemakers was given a donation by Watton-at Stone Tuesday community group (photo right). Grace was very blessed by the warm welcome she was given.

We still have outstanding needs to furnish our restaurant ( a focal point for community gatherings and raising funds for self maintenance of the centre), for the proposed opening on the 25th March. This is the time when we have invited sponsors of the walk to bring what they've raised and join the celebrations. It will promote the wonderful facilities that Peacemakers have developed for the community's future. People have been trained & jobs provided, now we have skilled professional Kenyans to continue the work. If you feel you would like to help where there is a need, please see the list of items by clicking the link below and contact Brenda.

List of Needs to complete the restaurant

Thank you, Brenda & the team.

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