A Review of 2012

For Peacemakers International 2012 has been a year with highs and lows, intermingled with blessings. The biggest blessing of all has been the Faithfulness of God in keeping true to His promise and vision and giving us strength to overcome all the different circumstances that presented themselves to us throughout the year.

I have put bulletins and photographs on our web page, keeping you informed of the progress of our Resource Centre and some of the events that have taken place throughout the year. There have been visitors from the UK staying on site, giving of their skills and enjoying the beautiful gardens and facilities that have been developed and established on barren ground. We were almost at the stage of completion of  the Kisimani House and insuring the whole complex so that we could advertise and hire out the multi purpose buildings and resources; when the double shock came in August that Isaac had suddenly died and a few days later (the day of his funeral) Kisimani house was burnt down.

We were all devastated by this, I personally felt that all the stuffing had been knocked out of me, and struggled to stand in faith for a while. But hearing reports from Christine in Kenya about how the local Kenyans had rallied round and responded immediately to try to put the fire out and salvage as much as possible from the debris, it began to bring a realisation that the Kenyans, at last, were beginning to take up their responsibility in this vision. I’m happy to report that the Kenyans are now involved and planning fund raising events to try and restore Kisimani house, realising its God’s provision for them to use, to care and support the needy in their community and to become self-sufficient.

I have mentioned God’s vision many times before, so I think it necessary at this stage to explain the purpose of building a Resource Centre. As this is quite detailed, please the article previous to this one and read it at your leisure.

When you read the document, much of that spoken about is already in place and buildings that are completed are being hired -out and used. The Centre is unique and is like an oasis in the middle of a disturbed and needy community; and is the first of its kind. There needs to be a Resource Centre like this in every district, and we hope from this pilot example, Kenyans will spread this vision across their tribal districts. God’s vision is for a project like this to be in every African country.

So be encouraged all our Peacemakers’ friends and sponsors, for what you have helped to build, and thank you for your faithfulness in helping to fulfil the promise of God to the Kenyans, despite one or two set backs this year. Already we can see good coming out of the debris.

The Peacemakers’ Team and I, wish to express our heart-felt thanks and appreciation for your constant support and generosity.

Brenda Marshall

Director of Peacemakers International

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