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It’s the time of the year when we think about giving gifts to others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

  • The most precious gift you can receive is the ‘Gift of Life’
  • The most precious gift YOU can give is to save somebody’s ‘Life’
  • How can we do this?  Read on:
Thanks Jess and good luck!

Thanks Jess and good luck!

Sponsored Run: Jess, a friend of Peacemakers is planning to run a half marathon to raise funds for us. He’s an English teacher in Hertfordshire and will participate in an organised event for some 1500 runners at Hampton Court on 23rd February 2014. The distance is 13.5 miles and a sponsorship form is available here. The money raised will be used to provide mosquito nets and malarial medication in response to the sad death from malaria of the 19 year old Kenyan Samson Musoyka which we reported in our October bulletin.                                        


The resource centre is currently hired-out for teaching, conferences and a wide range of events involving the local community.

The Committee are looking at plans to develop new projects on site including a Restaurant, Bakery and more Traditional Houses to accommodate friends and visitors of Peacemakers. In the light of lives lost to malaria, the second phase hopes to provide a medical clinic offering emergency malaria support and other medical needs.

We have started a ‘Building Fund’ and our target for the above external building work is £19,000.00

Malaria nets save lives.

Mosquito nets save lives.


Peacemakers has an anonymous sponsor who has thrown out a challenge to all our friends.  For every child, youth and adult who donates £5.00 to ‘Save a Life’ this Christmas, the sponsor will donate £1 to the Building Fund.  The £5.00 will buy a family size Mosquito Net and malarial medication for one person.  One thousand £5.00 donors = £1,000.00 from our sponsor towards building a Clinic; Guaranteed.

Invitation to new young Fund Raisers: Brenda’s seven year old great nephew sold some of his clothes and toys on eBay to help feed the starving children in Kenya.  He is hoping to set a trend and encourage other young people to do the same and sell some of their unwanted toys.  If you do want to join this scheme please contact Brenda on 01920 830317 and your achievement will be rewarded with a Certificate.

Opportunities for Student placements are being explored at the Runyenjes Resource Centre for 2014 gap year or other students to visit and work with the Peacemakers’ Project Director Christine.  This is a great chance to become actively involved with the local Kenyan community.  School teaching, basic health care, Drugs Awareness, Food Hygiene, care of animals, woodworking skills and general building work are just some of the areas in which visitors can be involved whether for a few weeks or months.  Accommodation will be provided free, but each volunteer will have to cover the cost of their flight, transport to site from Nairobi, food and spending money.

Further details from Brenda Marshall 01920 830317.

Local Contact: George Kamau has responded by email after finding Peacemakers on the internet and offered his support.  Amazingly he lives in Runyenjes just down the road from the Resource Centre and has visited our site.  He has just finished his degree at Moi University and awaiting his results and is very happy to serve the Community working alongside other volunteers.  A young Australian graduate Matthew finishing studies in Milan has also expressed a desire to spend some time working in the Kenyan Community; it would be great if the two could work on a project together early next year.  The door is open to all who would like to serve in this way, using their talents and skills.

Students from UK lending a helping hand!

Students from UK lending a helping hand!


We had a real set back in the summer of 2012 when Kisimani House was gutted by fire and Isaac our Foreman died, but I can truthfully say that we have turned a corner and are very hopeful in seeing Kisimani completely restored and other workshops, clinic etc. built in 2014/15.

Thank you once again for being so faithful in your giving and support of our Fund Raising Events in 2013.  We are hoping for a team of volunteers to visit Kenya throughout the year and get involved practically and spiritually.  You know the old saying “Many hands make light work”, it’s very true and at the same time having fun doing it and working together – working towards the same goal of making a better place to live in for the local communities.

You will find great blessing in this as you bless others.  The rewards come from giving. 

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY  from Peacemakers’ Team  And a Prosperous New Year for the Kenyans.

Every Blessing from Brenda

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